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Ask me anything Sun, Aug. 24, 2014 1 note
a-shadow-of-an-echo-of-a-dream Asked:
are you familiar with Suadade? I would guess you are, even if the word is unfamiliar. Your story was wonderful, lovely and sad. Such an absorbing telling, moving. Thank you for sharing it.

Thank you for teaching me a new word. <3

Ask me anything Fri, Aug. 22, 2014 4 notes
Anonymous Asked:
Are you acuddly gf? Do you show affection in public?

I am an extremely cuddly person in general. I am someone who has to restrain themselves from snuggling people I have platonic relationships with, because society frowns upon that, and I don’t want to creep out or lead anyone on. If I could though, I’d make a giant cuddle puddle at the local park, and I’d bring my laptop and do my homework from it. A cuddle orgy, if you will.

I remember when I was thirteen. I had a little boyfriend at the time, although I feel that description is belittling what we had. We were thirteen but we had quite the passionate romance for two kids who had just entered puberty. He wore his hair in braids to try to mimick the look of his favorite band at the time, Korn. My hair was a giant bush of frizz because I didn’t know how to take care of it at that time. I didn’t have boobs, but I was so scrawny that my rib cage stuck out in a similar fashion, and I was proud of that. 

We were in the backseat of my dad’s old Cadillac Coupe Deville that had so much damage that it was only worth the scrap metal. I drew on the leather upholstery liberally with milky pens, which were barely still a thing at that point. My dad had been dead for about 6 months, but had he been alive I doubt he would have cared.

It was the winter after 9-11 and in Michigan it was a pretty brutal one. There was always at least two feet of snow on the ground. My boyfriend would ride his bike through the tundra, and we’d camp out in the back of the Caddy, simply because I could sneak him back there. My mom would have thrown a fit had she known, and no boys were allowed in the house.

It was absolutely freezing, but we’d huddle back there in our winter coats with our noses running. For days we courted eachother this way. With me sitting in the drivers seat and him sitting in the back. One day I somehow got the nerve to crawl over to him and drape my arms around him. I had never felt better in my life up until that point. Every muscle in my body relaxed. I felt like I was floating up and above my own body. I did not understand how simply touching another human could be that magical.

Is it that way for everyone? I still wish I could answer that question. I have a theory that my anxiety disorder makes the comfort of touch more of a relief than it might be to the average person. For me, physical affection has been my greatest vice and weakness. Not having it in my daily life is the biggest challenge for me when it comes to being single. Gonads and strife though. Gonads and strife. 

As for PDA? It doesn’t bother me, but I can understand why seeing two strangers on eachother’s nuts would bother some folks. 

Ask me anything Sat, Jul. 12, 2014 2 notes
Anonymous Asked:
Are you watching Game of Thrones? What do you think of it? --saturn333

I’ve been watching every episode of GoT religiously. I was a bit disappointed in the season finale. I understand that George’s flavor is to end seasons on huge devastating twists, but up until this point the twists had been in line with character development.

For example, Arya’s reaction to The Hound’s inevitable death was very suprising to me. I was expecting Arya to do one of the following:

1. Put The Hound out of his misery.

2. Say some nice words to The Hound.

3. Stay with The Hound through his death.

Yes The Hound was a piece of shit person for the most part, and yes he had a selfish intent in their partnership. However, he looked out for her best interests. He didn’t have to. He could have raped her, pimped her out, or let the idiots in the tavern rape her in exchange for food. Instead, he killed the entire tavern. He died fighting for her. It was obvious he loved her in a very Leon the Professional-esque way, and I was under the impression throughout the entire season that she held him in a similar regard. So she takes his coins and leaves him there to die a long agonizing death? After everything? 

Shae was another disappointment. Yes, Tyrion cut her deep, but her character development lead me to believe she was not a cold woman. They say there is no such fury as a woman scorned, but to try to send him to his execution? Then fuck his father?! That was a bit of a drastic turn of her character. She was always kind, never manipulative, and a protector of both Tyrion and Sansa throughout the series.

How the hell does a midget strangle a 6 foot tall bitch with some pearls, anyway? That scene was ridiculous.

Otherwise I love the show. One of my favorites. Looking forward to next season.

Poor dragons. I wonder where the third one flew off to.

Ask me anything Mon, Jul. 07, 2014 3 notes
Anonymous Asked:
Hello.... are you going to be back to MFC.... sorry to hear it did not work it out.... something better will come...

Hello. I go back and forth on it in my mind. I don’t really have to cam. I make a decent wage with my current gig. I miss talking to you fools though, and the .gifs. I miss the .gifs. Maybe one day I’ll hop on, but as of now I’m just laying low and being an average productive citizen. If I am to get on I’ll try to give you guys a heads up on Twitter.

*~* To all of the people sending me messages. I can’t get to them all right now, and some of your messages are personal in nature. If you want me to be able to respond to them without making your post public you must have a Tumblr account or leave me an e-mail address. Love your faces. *~*

Text Post Mon, Jun. 23, 2014 13 notes

Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of class or somewhere I’m supposed to act dignified, and I’ll think to myself “What if I just yelled “fuck” at the top of my lungs right now!?” Or “What if I scream “cunt nuggets” right now? What is there to stop me?” 

Also, on certain occasions I’ll be talking to a stranger or someone I do not know very well, and I’ll think “What if I just break all social codes and kiss or punch this person? I could. I have the power to do so.”

I imagine this is what Tourettes Syndrome feels like, only the intrusive thoughts win. I am probably one faulty gene away from having full blown Tourettes.

Ask me anything Fri, Jun. 20, 2014
Anonymous Asked:
I'd really like to get to know you. Is this possible? -Tim

I have no concept of who you are apart from this text on my computer screen, so that is difficult for me to gauge.

Ask me anything Wed, Jun. 11, 2014 3 notes
redareda123 Asked:
Ok, you updated your blog, and it says you got a cool job. What makes it cool?

Pros: Decent pay. Flexible hours. Impressive job title.

Cons: Lack of socialization. In front of a computer all day. My neck and shoulders hurt. 

Text Post Tue, Jun. 10, 2014 11 notes

Iggy and I

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Gentlemen: next time you are making out with your woman, lightly run your tongue over her top lip as you see here. Results will be in your favor.

Gentlemen: next time you are making out with your woman, lightly run your tongue over her top lip as you see here. Results will be in your favor.

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This is amazing. I wish more porn gave me butterflies. Maybe I will turn this blog into a blog full of porn gifs that give me butterflies. Its just sitting here collecting dust, after all.

This is amazing. I wish more porn gave me butterflies. Maybe I will turn this blog into a blog full of porn gifs that give me butterflies. Its just sitting here collecting dust, after all.

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